Panel discussion with Director Tariq Melfi Alruwaili
Presented by Screenwriter and Co-Founder of 3rd action Asim Altokhais


During Hakaya Misk events that’s being organized by Prince Mohammed Bin Salman Bin Abdulaziz Foundation “Misk” and been held in Riyadh International convention and exhibition center from 7-11/August/2018, 3rd action company organized a panel discussion on Tuesday 7/August/2018 titled “Creating characters in movies”, and its been attended by entrepreneurs, producers, directors, media specialists, and filmmakers enthusiasts. Presented by Mr. Asim Altokhais a Screenwriter, Co-Founder at 3rd action and hosted Mr. Tariq Alrwaily, Director and founder of Five Colors Production Company, earned his Masters from New York Film Academy in Directing, he directed and produced a number of films in the United States, United Arab Emirates, and Saudi Arabia. One of his known and important works that he produced and directed in the TV series “Sincerely”.

The discussion talked about Mr. Tariq Alrwaily’s experience in producing and directing the mini-TV-series “Sincerely” that was shown on SBC, where he talked about the number of problems and struggles that he faced during the making of this project which makes him seriously about any upcoming projects in the future. Where his main speech was about where everything starts, securing fundings, which came after the project was done, but he managed to be funded by the U.A.E although the series wasn’t shot in their country rather in Saudi. That’s when the discussion developed to talk about creating characters in TV series and how it’s embodied on the screen, but before that they wrote the backstory for all the main characters and tie the events with the current story so the actors can understand their characters and their motives, here where the suffering comes in where Mr. Tariq Alrwaily insisted on finding professional actors in the sense as it is in Hollywood and the West in general which caused him a number of issues with some actors who come to set without memorizing their lines and not understanding the scene as he’s supposed to where it causes delays in shooting the scene that reflects on the budget. Also during shooting the series where the external obstacles are the worst, and after deciding on the locations and taking the necessary approvals that on the shooting day they’re faced with refusal without further notice that let him search for a similar location to shoot the scene and also the general weather from unbearable heat all year around which prevents a lot of the movie making time.

As we also talked about the repetitive stories and characters in the Saudi dramas regardless of the operating cast whom they are and no matter the titles are, and Mr. Tariq Alrwaily insisted that the problem is always about not finding a screenplay with professional measures to level up the drama and that most channels don’t care about the content and only relying on actors names and known directors to sell the work regardless of the poor content.