Panel discussion with Director Rahaf Alhassan
Presented by Screenwriter and Co-Founder of 3rd action Asim Altokhais


During Hakaya Misk events that’s being organized by Prince Mohammed Bin Salman Bin Abdulaziz Foundation “Misk” and been held in Riyadh International convention and exhibition center from 7-11/August/2018, 3rd action company organized a panel discussion on Saturday 11/August/2018 titled “Filmmakers and writing their movies”, and its been attended by entrepreneurs, producers, directors, media specialists, and filmmakers enthusiasts. Presented by Mr. Asim Altokhais a Screenwriter, Co-Founder at 3rd action and hosted Mr. Rahaf Alhassan, Director, graduated from Digital Media Academy in 2003 from Bombay, India, and from ever since he directed more than 180 documentary films for major industrial groups in public and private sectors.

The discussion talked (Flasher) experience and it’s an idea for a TV series that he produced two episodes of as experimental, starring Saudi actors such as Turkey Alyousef and Sameer Abdulnaser, also this experience had the opportunity to incorporate a number of known Saudi actors whom they have their experience in the Saudi drama for a long time as it added for a number of new actors and actresses the chance to learn from field, but as there are positive things while doing it there were negative things as well and mainly the budget that was assigned to buy the project which was less than the price asked for. As for the TV series idea, it revolves around a narrator telling us some secret events and secrets of the characters in the series and exposes some cunning and evil characters in an untraditional way.

As Mr. Rahaf Alhassan talked about professionalism and how to adapt it in Saudi Arabia after what we saw from the country taking care of Cinema making and opening Cinemas all over the country which is considered the first step to present what a filmmaker has to offer from talents that can be launched internationally, but to do so we have to be true to ourselves and acknowledge the professional screenwriters, producers, directors and other pillars in the cinema making field and we have to focus on those whom have recognized certificates and not workshops only, because those people spent a lot of time, effort and money to be what they are right now, and I don’t mean who have thousands of followers, but he who works hard tirelessly so that his final product will show that.

As Mr. Rahaf Alhassan mentioned to the importance of having specialized guilds to save and secure the screenwriter rights, directors, producers, and actors and recognize their jobs as any job in the country that has its respect and appreciation.

Mr. Rahaf Alhassan added the issue of many directors are writing their own movies lately because they don’t want to increase their budgets by cutting the cost of a screenwriter, but there are more negative than positive for that operation, we can say that most directors whom are searching for a way to reduce the budget while effecting the entire project and especially downsizing one of the important pillars in the project while it’s a TV series, short film or a feature film which will be so clear as the sun in the final release and you can build on that, the director might have a certain vision in directing the work but what he cant do is writing a professional screenplay and the majority don’t know how to write a basic screenplay and even you might find them writing a sentence or two and think that’s a screenplay and here’s the major problem, the failure of our Khaliji and Saudi TV series is that precise reason not respecting and appreciating the professional screenwriter potentials who have the knowledge and enough experience in how to creating a story from plot, events, and theme of the story.

Mr. Rahaf Alhassan also pointed at the fall down of many directors and filmmakers at writing their first film for not knowing the essentials in storytelling from metaphor and symbolism in drama storytelling so it’s mandatory when he wants to write his first film or any film he wants to write is the hiring and giving the full idea to a professional screenwriter who has his experience because he’s the one who’s going to save the situation in the end.