Script Consultation

Hiring an editor or a writing coach is a big step for any writer and an important one. We at 3rd action can help reconstruct your screenplay in a professional manner to imitate the standards of scriptwriting at Hollywood, Europe, and the world.

Language: English or Arabic.
Genre: All genres.

Basic Notes

It is necessary after recording concise and comprehensive comments encompassing all aspects of editorials, characters, plot, and also the dialogue reaching a structure for the TV Series.

Extensive Notes

It is the expanded/long-range lens that captures the details of your film script or TV Series script that is presented by you before going into production. This long-range lens will assist you in clarifying what is necessary for you to edit or change in terms of the script, plot, characters, and dialogue.

Screenplay Editing

In writing a screenplay, the script is the primary stage and acts as the link between you and other directors and actors in the field. In case you are not professionally trained in screenwriting, this service is appropriate to present a professional script of your film, to directors and actors who are in the process of filming it.

Script Doctor

This aspect acts as the contemplative stage where all contents of your script are considered. We will provide, in writing, the necessary comments for your script to obtain a professional touch, which will make it attractive to present and will give producers legitimate reasons to choose it.