Writing Films

“Writing is both a pleasure and a struggle.”

We believe in the screenplay. We recognize that crafting a superior screenplay is a magnificent feat in itself – a triumph against significant odds. Here in 3rd action, we have professional teams from the United States, Canada, Europe, and the Middle East.

Language: English or Arabic.
Genre: All genres.

Writing Short Films

A short film’s chronological length of this type of film is not limited, but also not long in which they do not compete with feature films. Motion pictures extend on both ends of the optical bar where there is no certain level or end in which it stops at. And this is what the Academy of Motion Picture Arts suggests, stating that: “An original motion picture film and its screening extends for 40 minutes or less, including all credits”.

Writing Feature Films

A feature film takes a length of time that is mainly long enough to fill an entire program but varies in length depending on assumed time and place. According to the Academy of Motion Picture Arts, the American Film Institute, and the British Film Institute, feature films could last as long as 40 minutes or longer, while the Actors Association believes it can be 80 minutes in length and sometimes longer.

Writing Animation Films

Animation pictures are a group of frames for single drawings/sketches or diagrams, where frames differ from each other and it is then given the illusion of action when it is put in a rapid succession estimated at 24 shots per second.

Writing Documentary Films

The documenting aspect of films only depends on authenticating real-life events without the need for imaginative dimensions.