3rd action is where stories are born. We believe in the screenplay. We recognize that crafting a superior screenplay is a magnificent feat in itself – a triumph against significant odds. Here in 3rd action, we have professional teams from the United States, Canada, Europe, and the Middle East.

Language: English or Arabic.



Writing Short Films

The first point and major aspect of creating a film is writing a short story, in a short amount of time, and this is one of our goals in training courses designed for this purpose. This step is the primary stage to experience writing long feature films in the future.

Writing Animation Films

In order for you to adequately fit in a world that you would want to transform it, it is necessary to understand its needs, desires, and elusiveness!

The circle of animation is comprised of elements; the story, humor, and nature… genre and structure. And this is where trainees will reach; it is where they will practice writing to understand the primary elements of it.

Writing Feature Films

Between the characters, story, and screenplay, we take further steps to accomplish a long screenplay that is written professionally. Advanced steps would be taken to address other dimensions in writing your customized screenplay and how to conclude it.

Writing TV Series

TV Series takes on a direction and an optical stream similar to that in films, but both can be different in some ways. These different ways in terms of writing style and structure are what will be discussed and explored in this training session taking into account the different types of coordination that take place in British and American television series.


Comedy Sketch/Writing Comedy

One of the most popular forms is comedy writing, where it transforms into another world that is very promising in the worlds of the stage, television screens, and the radio as well.

Comedy writing takes on many understandings, forms, and styles. Also, it has its own tools that trainees will use to reach the stage where they will understand and deconstruct the joke and understand what makes it a joke. It is a stage of reading and understanding the primary structure of comedy.



The idea of transferring ideas from one sphere to another may have an inevitable effect that may not necessarily accommodate all ideas in their original form. Our role here is to administer this process of transferring ideas in a way that preserves the smallest details.

The process of transferring from a written or visual script (novel, play, or animation game) depends on the presentation, backstory, narrative, structural screenplay, and all legal aspects as well.


A practical process where trainees take on their energies from previous editions and continued writing and discuss their improved abilities and skills, where they will have the research opportunity to incessantly improve their methods of screenwriting, where it is at this point the concentration should be on the drafts of the screenplay, not on the shooting script.

Writing in a Special Style

It is your own writing style that encompasses an infinite number of scripts with different dimensions and imagination. In other words, it is your home with various pieces of unique furniture where they resemble unique ideas that a script can carry.

In every traditional format, a new experience will be introduced to rejuvenate the writing process which will be explored in this training session through the writing of poetry and short stories using a unique writing style.


A story has a historical dimension that began along with languages and human experiences, where meaning and description came about. These beginnings that a story carries and the structural purpose will be the main premise of the training session. It is where the story’s worth will be apparent in dramatic writing.


It is not possible to write a story without implementing its rules starting with the characters and a story that ranges in the depth of concept and excitement. Through a holistic module comprised of many lectures, discussions, and workshops, a trainee will have the opportunity to comprehensively grasp all aspects the mentioned aspects which will be reflected in the writing process of a story that will flow naturally and precisely according to the building of an appropriate audience and screenplay.


It is as beautiful as a nebula over a forest of many understandings, and deep meninges made astonishingly thrilling when joined together. Skills and arts in all kinds of scenes will be explored in this training session around dialogue writing.

History of Cinema

An exploration, and reading into the different methodologies of cinematic schools, and how Hollywood takes on numerous visions and styles fusing them together and creating a standalone template that functions on its own.

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