Panel discussion with actor/producer Ibrahim Alhasawi
Presented by Screenwriter and Co-Founder of 3rd action Asim Altokhais


During Hakaya Misk events that’s being organized by Prince Mohammed Bin Salman Bin Abdulaziz Foundation “Misk” and been held in Riyadh International convention and exhibition center from 7-11/August/2018, 3rd action company organized a panel discussion on Friday 10/August/2018 titled “The life of an actor in different characters”, and its been attended by entrepreneurs, producers, directors, media specialists, and filmmakers enthusiasts. Presented by Mr. Asim Altokhais a Screenwriter, Co-Founder at 3rd action and hosted Ibrahim Alhasawi, actor/producer who worked in theatres, cinema and TV, known for his complex and complicated roles and from the characters that he’s known for is “Sheikh Abdulmalek” in the TV series “To be or not”, his carrier started in 1980 at the theatre through The Saudi Justice Club Theatre, he writes folkloric poems and songs and some of the Gulf artist sang some of his songs such as Nawal Alkuwaitiah for the song “You promised me happiness” and the Saudi artist Adel Alkhamies.  

The discussion started by talking about the process of choosing a character from the screenplay which in some extent came to experience and the known relationship between the actor and the producer of the work, in some parts they give the actor a role without giving him the chance to choose and sometimes they give the actor the entire screenplay for a short film or a TV series and the actor decides on what characters he wants to play depending on how well he’ll portray the character and if he can do it professionally. Mr. Asim Altokhais talked about some example of International actors in how they portray such characters and what they go through from research and experiments so they can come up with this full-fledged character, and here Mr. Ibrahim Alhasawi confirmed his methods in doing research and experiments for every character he does to portray it professionally and for example one of his characters was a welder and he had to go and visit welders and work with them to capture the psychological and profession of the welder so he can adapt it once he’s going to portray this character and he also insisted on reading any book that talks about psychology for its important role in studying characters. 

Perhaps the character of “Sheikh Abdulmalek” is one of the toughest characters that he played for it being complicated and complex and it needs to dive deep down into understanding this character, he also added that there are some characters that he played and stayed with him for some time even after finishing the TV series or short film such as “Sheikh Abdulmalek”, “Ayesh” and “Habib” for the deep portray to the characters that he couldn’t get out of their characters.

Mr. Asim Altokhais added some international examples of actors who portrayed characters that were the hardest in their carrier and the real reason for these characters for not being easy to explore and he gave an example of the late Hollywood actor Heath Ledger who played the Joker character in the “Batman dark knight” movie and how for this genius actor to lock himself in a room at a hotel for couple of months isolated from anyone and anything experimenting several ways to laugh and how to speak and how to add the fear factor in anyone who sees him. 

Also, Mr. Ibrahim Alhasawi expanded on the character “Ayesh” for it is the most enjoyable character to play for its psychological and social dimensions that led him to do research and experiments to dive into this complex character.