Panel discussion with Stage-play writer/Director Yaser Alhassan and stage-actor Faisal Aljutail
Presented by Screenwriter and Co-Founder of 3rd action Asim Altokhais


During Hakaya Misk events that’s being organized by Prince Mohammed Bin Salman Bin Abdulaziz Foundation “Misk” and been held in Riyadh International convention and exhibition center from 7-11/August/2018, 3rd action company organized a panel discussion on Tuesday 7/August/2018 titled “Visions in the Saudi Theatre”, and its been attended by entrepreneurs, producers, directors, media specialists, and filmmakers enthusiasts. Presented by Mr. Asim Altokhais a Screenwriter, Co-Founder at 3rd action and hosted Mr. Yaser Alhassan, stage-play writer/Director who won local and Arabian prizes in Directing and playwriting and some of his most important achievements is writing and writing the play “Wishes” which was played at Ashiat Tukoos in Jordan which won the best performance in 2016, and the play “The lost oriental” which won best script in Ashiat Tukoos in Jordan in 2017, and Mr. Faisal Aljutail, stage-actor who participated in a number of plays that was nominated for best performance in both plays “Alshalakhy” and “What they don’t know”.

The discussion talked about the effectiveness of the Saudi Theatres in all parts of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and how can the Saudi Theatre several Arabian prizes regardless of the lack of support and funding towards Theatre and the absence of Institutes and Theatres on a professional level as it’s already in Kuwait, Egypt and the rest of the Arabian countries. Mr. Faisal motioned to the actors’ situation and suffering in getting roles and the problem of not having Theatres that they can do their rehearsals before presenting the play to the audience.  

Also, Mr. Yaser Alhassan pointed as the Saudi Theatre managed to win 74 prizes in the Arabian countries and for that, it should have some attention and not ignoring it with the presence of Cinema in Saudi Arabia and the new developments in the country and their attention to support Art in all forms. As Mr. Yaser Alhassan mentioned that Theatres have a special audience somewhat different from films and TV series, who want to live a special experience and different and that’s one of the reasons for the success of the Saudi Theatre.