3rd action is a different action and space, where minds and considerations participate and cooperate in a way leading to the light that shines the world through a small skylight we call Cinema screen, while intellectuals and enthusiasts like to call it the “Seventh Art”.

It is the transformations of this age that transferred light from a skylight in a small space to eyes as wide as the world in a poise pursuit to attract elite screenwriters who will accompany you from different parts of the world.

3rd action represents a stable focal point for a number of consultants, advisors, and those interested in the film making industry from the United States, Canada, Europe, and the Middle East. We have enough mobilization and innovation power to influence a different approach to production in the Middle East and throughout the world. We are working on new ways to explore, edit, and implement the script/lines before you make it a memorable experience.



Because beauty thrives where its roots are nurtured, our vision lies in finding and developing a practical and artistic environment that is able to adopt and inspire those interested, not just scriptwriters and directors but those keen enthusiasts, to present their best work their minds can imagine in a free and entertaining workspace.


Leadership: Trust compass is attained by our films and best stories.
Integrity: We have faith in what we do, a passion for what we believe in, and work in what we love.
Passion: We reserve their completion and balance.
Satisfaction: We keep our production to your expectations.
Cooperation: One idea for different hands from different locations that share the same art.
Quality: It’s our top priority and aims at all times.

Give new

concepts and

visions to

the cinema



  • We have the first steps and the service deserving your trust in screenwriting in the Middle East.
  • Changing the face of screenwriting and introducing new traits/characteristics that distinguish us throughout the region and the world.
  • Lay down new visions and considerations in the world of cinema.
  • The continuous effort of other scriptwriters where their work inspires beauty and art in our region.
  • Undertaking a great impact on producers and directors to better themselves.



Asim Altokhais
Co-Founder/General Manager

Asim is a cultural entrepreneur and an award-winning screenwriter and a novelist with over 15 awards in several international film festivals and competitions. Graduated from Vancouver Film School (VFS) in 2011, majoring in writing for Film and TV, he also added MA Writing for Script and Screen from Falmouth University, United Kingdom. He published 8 books by Disney, Dark Horse, IUniverse, 3rd action Comics, Kalemat, Alhudhud, and Culture Trends.

Asim is a column writer at MakkahNewspaper, his articles focus on expanding the culture of cinema and movie critic for local and international movies. Every Wednesday. Chosen as a main speaker in TEDx Riyadh, CYM Forum, MENA Cinema Forum, BroadcastPro Awards, DICM Conference, and others. So as chosen to be a judge and trainer in several competitions, events, and International workshops, such as the Sharjah Film Platform, U.S Embassy Riyadh, MENA Cinema Forum.

Asim worked as a Co-producer/Translator for the full documentary film Earth Medicine (2014) and being chosen among 25 international writers to write a comics collection for Disney (Storied Places a comics collection) as the only Middle Eastern writer who wrote for Disney. Asim is considered the only Saudi writer to win the Arab Thought Foundation prize – Kitabi 21 – for his comic book ‘Alaa: The bounty hunter’.

In 2017, 3rd action Comics published their first comic book The Last Exorcist™ in MFCC (Middle-East Film and Comic Con) which was a huge success, created and written by Asim Altokhais. Also, Asim has written and produced the short film titled Meeting With The Devil™ in Vancouver, B.C, Canada, and another short film in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia titled ‘Behind the Bentley glass’, Plus writing several short scripts, feature scripts, and novels.

His scripts and cinematic works are chosen to the finalists in different film festivals and competitions, as he went to win several prizes such as 1st Place in the screenwriters’ Pitch Award, Best Short Film Script at Canadian Feedback Film Festival, and the best short film at Canada Shorts Film Festival where his short Meeting With The Devil™  is screened twice at London City Film Festival and Tuke Cinema Room of the Regents University.




Rayia Banjar

Rayia is a Saudi passionate street photographer and entrepreneur. With over 5 years of work experience at well-known local and international companies. Rayia has earned:

BSc degree in International Business Administration, KAU – Jeddah, Saudi Arabia 2010
Certified in Digital Marketing, London, United Kingdom 2019
Diploma in Entrepreneurship, Omnia Education Partnerships – Finland 2019
International License For Entrepreneurship (ILFEN™), KSU – Riyadh, Saudi Arabia 2017
Diploma in Photography, Dublin 2016

Also, completed several professional training courses in project management, business development, self-management, and others

Although Rayia comes from a business academic background, she is sentimentally ambitious to express her ideas and vision and create her artistic re-touch in her photographs, as she believes art must be free from all rules that trammel. Her passion which started with photography grew into cinematography, as she believes that photographs can express untold stories. 

Rayia has participated in a variety of international and local photography exhibitions since 2004. Her photography work has been published in numerous magazines and books.

2nd Place Award Winner, SME Growth Track Program
Helsinki, Finland, 2018
Staff’s Choice Award Winner, UseFilm
Torrance, CA, the United States, 2009